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"The REDEMPTION WORLD team has certainly made an impression in the music industry. Their team's combined expertise makes every project relevant and refreshing. As one of the fastest growing labels in Gospel Music today, REDEMPTION WORLD is committed to bringing excellence to every project."




 Few people today can match the unbridled energy and creative passion that the whole REDEMPTION WORLD team bring to the multi-faceted record label and management company. Their positive, life-affirming attitudes are not only the focal point of the ministry, it’s at the heart of everything we do. As for our leaders, they effortlessly juggle a variety of notable projects. While operating the Record Label and Artist Management Company, we also aid worthy causes through Redemption World Outreach. These qualities have helped us anchor one of the industry's most successful record label and artist management companies in the world.



In his years of experience, Goodwin has managed to cross the

lines into nearly every genre of music production.

Most of his work can be heard on the 100+ Christian recordings

he has produced or appeared on, while he continues to work

fearlessly in other genres as well.

He began playing piano at the young age of four. Within a decade he had already became an accomplished musician, mastering multiple instruments. Goodwin has been a guest musician and/or vocalist sharing the stage with award-winning artists in almost every genre of music. He has had full-time involvement within the music industry for over two decades now.

Perhaps one of Goodwin’s greatest gifts lies in his ability to work and communicate well.

For years, he served full-time on staff as the minister/director of music, and associate pastor within the local church sharing his passion to worship and lead others into God's presence. 

During his tenure as a worship leader, Goodwin made several television appearances, and led worship in services for ministers like, Rod Parsley, Perry Stone, T.L. Lowery, John Kilpatrick, Jerry Savelle,

Norvel Hayes and countless others. Over the past twenty years he has performed his music and accompanied others in historic venues, and ministered in numerous churches across the globe.

Goodwin is also a motivational speaker, leading classes and seminars around the world. His reputation as a gifted entrepreneur has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant for numerous ministries and organizations. He has served as the keynote speaker for many Music, Business and Ministry Education events and conferences throughout the USA, Canada and in the UK. However, Goodwin's passion goes far beyond the stage.

Goodwin has produced and/or been a guest musician on well over a hundred recordings (some of which have been Grammy™, DOVE, and /or Stellar Award-Winning projects) and has produced the soundtrack and underscore for two major motion pictures. While producing for his own production company, Good1 Productions®, he also serves as executive producer for nearly every album released on the RWR, and C&C Music Group label. His productions consist of top-tier musicians in the best studios in the world. His background as a vocalist and musician has helped him to become one of the most respected song and vocal arrangers in gospel music today. Throughout his journey, Goodwin has helped countless young artists take their first steps in the music industry.


A teacher at heart, Goodwin considers himself to be a 'student of life.'  When producing, he is hands-on from start to finish. From selecting your songs, arranging and charting the structure of the song, to vocal coaching and helping you select the right sounds for the piece. Goodwin is distinguished at the rare art of turning your vision into direct and precise instructions for the musicians, which results in excellence.


He is also known for his top-level studio skills and his commitment to helping the artist put all of their strength into everything they set their hands to do. His insightful sense of what is relevant, classically modern, and memorable, challenges those he works with to step out of their comfort zone and opens the doors to new ideas and creativity.

Goodwin has brought his signature touch to styles ranging from CCM, hip-hop, praise and worship, bluegrass and southern gospel, to R&B and black gospel. His long association and close relationships with the elite in the music industry give him access to the best musicians, singers, engineers and studios.

His list of achievements is vast, but Goodwin’s faith and commitment to humility and loyalty is what he accredits his success too. His clients have won numerous awards and topped out print and online music charts time and time again. His productions along with the quick success of Redemption World Records has drawn critical raves and attracted some of the top names in the Music business today.

In using his own gifts, he has built an impressive career maximizing and presenting the gifts of others.


  • He is the President and CEO of a premier entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music industry

  • He has served with Tyler Perry and other global leaders on advisory boards for entertainment companies.

  • He has assembled one of the greatest Production teams in Christian Music today

  • He has managed, produced and promoted Grammy® and DOVE award-winning artists

  • He has won numerous awards for his performing, contributions, philanthropy and productions

  • He has coordinated tours all over the world

  • He has over 20 years of full-time experience in the music business

  • His roster includes artists that have sold over one-million records worldwide






Award Winning Producer, Jonathan Goodwin is the CEO of Redemption World Records.
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