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Redemption World is a premier Ministry based, entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music industry. While promoting hundreds of shows and headlining award-winning artists, we have also expanded to create Redemption World Records, along with an Artist Management Division.


Through artist development, we have nurtured artists from the ground up; guiding them through recording and releasing an album or single, radio and internet promotion, marketing campaigns, and touring. With a rich history of working with the music industry’s top artists, producers, engineers and studio musicians, our mission is to create a platform for new and unknown ministries across the globe to increase their audience and fan base, expand their reach, and take their music to the highest level of excellence. While our client list has ranged from new and upcoming artists to multi-award winning artists, our unprecedented service has shown artists at every level that we offer the highest quality productions and promotions!

Redemption World Records is an independent Christian record company that exists to serve artists with the spirit of excellence. We believe serving is best accomplished through hard work, diligence, a spirit of partnership and following the leading of the holy spirit.

We love and serve all types of music, songs and authentic expressions of art that promote biblical principles.

We represent artists who use their gifts to express their love and dedication to a great God. All of the artists we represent have a unique gift and a specific demographic. While extremely talented, the uniqueness in their individual gifts is expressed in a culture that resonates with a singularity and cuts through the daily haze of our lives.

Our Ministry team is ready to help you define your goals, develop solutions, and make them a reality!

It's no accident that you have arrived to this site. You were created for more...

There is greatness on the inside of you and the time is now! Let's achieve it together.


Redemption World actually began as an exclusive concert production company over a decade ago. While promoting exclusive events, we also partner with the largest producers of Christian concert events in the nation and around the world. Over the last decade, we have promoted countless award-winning artists with No. 1 hits such as - MercyMe, Casting Crowns, Kari Jobe, Natalie Grant, Newsboys, TobyMac, Hillsong Worship, Kirk Franklin, Jesus Culture, Big Daddy Weave, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Ricky Skaggs, Matthew West and many more!

We also annually host:

-FAMILY & FRIENDS CRUISE to the Bahamas that also serves as a Missionary trip to Freeport

-HOLY LAND Tour that gives our partners a chance to walk where Jesus walked.

-Conferences, Camp-meetings, Worship Seminars and other event opportunities for our partners.


Our team of professional photographers in Nashville, TN holds a large spectrum of work, ranging from album cover art and headshots to editorial photos. Our team continuously caters to our client's needs while always staying true to thier artistic sensibility.

Our photographers shoot to edit. They set up frames while keeping the 'behind-the-scenes' process in mind. Before stepping on set with a client, we understand the client's end goal while keeping artistic perspective intact.

From setting up a Victorian living room in the forest (lighting and all), to spending ten hours covering a baby grand piano in vintage sheet music, our photographers never back down from a challenge. We are widely known for going above and beyond for a photo-shoot. We stop at absolutely nothing to get the right shot!


Features + Clients

Billboard Magazine, iTunes, Singing News, Gaither Magazine, CCM Magazine, NYLON,  PopSugar, Nash Country Weekly, Rolling Stones, USA Today, NATIVE Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles, Iconic Entertainment, Big Machine, Nickelodeon


In today's world, it's vital to connect the song with the story. Visual enhancements bring the worship experience to a whole new level. Therefore in 2011, we began our Video-Production division at Redemption World. Our team is now equipped with the 6K RED EPIC DRAGON, multiple Canon C300 and C100 MKIIs, the MoVI M15 stabilizer, jib crane, tele-prompter, tracks and dollies, full field audio, and more. We also carry 2 grip trucks with an array of lighting gear plus the ability to live stream concerts and event. Operated by our experienced and knowledgeable crew, we put our gear to work making creative media solutions for brands like yours. We specialize in concept music videos, EPK's, live concert events, and short film documentaries.


Over the past decade, the internet has completely changed the music and entertainment industry.


Social media has secured its place as one of the essential elements in an effective promotional campaign. Raising awareness of a project / artist through the power of social media requires a full understanding of trends and opportunities. Our team can help you gain leverage utilizing edge strategies with confirmed results in the industry to stay consistently ahead of the curve.  

Artists with a strong message or unique flavor have acquired worldwide exposure on the back of viral videos and ideas worth spreading have ripped through social media gaining international recognition overnight.

Our team is mastering the art of transforming viral successes into sustainable careers and platforms for future content. Capturing the full potential of instant relevancy requires a timely reaction and effective preparation for additional influx around the next corner.

Whether you are looking to capitalize on a YouTube video gone viral or seeking to optimize your web presence as an Artist, Redemption World has the experience to support you. We specialize in analyzing and predicting trends in viral movements to help nourish interest and sustain your balance at the top.





"I have been with Jonathan and the team at Redemption World for over 8 years now. He is a consummate professional. He is a dedicated Christian man who is honest in all of his dealings. I spent my whole life as a professional singer on Broadway, in churches and plays, and traveling many years with Benny Hinn Ministries.

I would not be anywhere near where I am had it not been for Jonathan Goodwin and the team at Redemption World. He is extremely talented in so many ways. You'll be glad you trusted Jonathan with your projects. In my opinion he's the best in music and film production.

I would not hesitate on anything he suggest. He will be honest with you."

Paul Pitts

Award Winning Singer & Actor of the Year Nominee

read his bio here

He can be reached via e-mail -

The team here at 'Carman World Outreach' has worked closely with Mr. Goodwin at Redemption World Records.

Mr. Goodwin is a true professional, and his label offers several different outlets to express your music and/or artistic talents, e.g; music videos, movies, book publishing, etc. It's a true 'all-in-one' business. If you want someone who will bring your vision to life, and push you to the forefront of your chosen field , Mr. Goodwin is your man. Not only does he do an outstanding job, he does his work in a timely manner and handles all situations professionally.



Top-selling Contemporary Christian music singer

TV personality, songwriter, and evangelist

learn more about him by clicking here

"Jonathan and his team are top notch professionals. I have worked on numerous events with them and everything they do, they do it BIG and GREAT! It's hard to find a great promoter these days. You can't go wrong with Jonathan Goodwin and Redemption World. By the way, he's a pretty talented singer and piano player as well!"

Ron Blackwood

Manager for CARMAN and others

Ron is also a Grammy award winner and his group was featured in the movie "Walk the Line" 

He can be reached via e-mail -

"Having been in the industry for many years, we understand that when it comes to recording a project, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. I can assure you, that you will not find another company willing to help and guide you through your project like Redemption World. From the first phone call until the last note was sang and beyond, the level of professionalism from Jonathan Goodwin and his team at Redemption World superseded anything we ever imagined. We hope to build a lasting partnership for many years to come."

Day Three

Award Winning Gospel Trio

learn more about them by clicking here

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