“I felt the pang of wanting more from God.  The desire was great and the call was clear. Light cannot be contained in a box, at some point it will find a way to shine. That’s how I felt about the anointing that was on my life. I could not explain what was happening deep within but I had an increasing love for God and ultimately for people.”


The intersection of a new opportunity and the trials along with the personal struggle and joy Georgette has walked in is what poignantly inspired the songs from her latest cd release, The Songs of Georgette Crandall Volume 1, and latest book, The Gift Is In the Pain.


Georgette’s unabashed conviction to write truth about life’s ups and downs and heartache and joy, and everything in between, is touching heartstrings that are resonating around the world as others continue to see how God was present in their own circumstances and stories that left them in pain.


In an excerpt from her upcoming book, Georgette states, “My life did not line up with the gift that was within me.  I was dying in sin. I wanted to live Holy, but Sin had me trapped.”


For Georgette, it’s apparent that this new dimension of love compared with the discovery of a new chasm of neediness unlike any she has experienced before, is ultimately what threw away the blinders about the reality of pain and her own ability or inability to reconcile that truth with the inexhaustible covenant of an unconditional, unrelenting God.


Her daily details have become even more intricate, exhausting and glorious, as Georgette has began her Ministry journey with Record Label and Management Team, Redemption World.


A sure favorite on The Songs of Georgette Crandall (Volume 1) is “Not My Will,” in which Georgette paints the awe-inspiring story of the life of Christ and his journey to Calvary through the lyrics. This song was delivered in a remarkable way by multi-award winning Nashville vocalist, Chip Davis, and produced by Jonathan Goodwin.


This project takes you from the emotion filled, “Not My Will” to the haunting lyrics and music of “Character,” the uplifting message in “How Mighty and Powerful You Are.” A soul stirring summons for the church to arise and present Christ to the lost in, “One Soul At A Time” all the way to an ‘old-school’ sound of hand-clapping, foot-stomping, CHURCH with, “Unto You.”  

No matter what style of music you prefer, you are guaranteed to enjoy something on this album. The style, production, lyrics, and delivery are diverse and eclectic. All while the focus of each song remains on the central message of Jesus Christ.


That’s the journey…the heart…the transparency that makes The Songs of Georgette Crandall, and The Gift is in the Pain more than just another book, album, or great collection of songs. It’s more than eloquent words to an amazing and infinite God.  More than another happy ending and more than just another story…It’s every story…every life…and every person’s experience to some degree. Georgette resonates within our hearts and lives and helps compel us to press through the pain, whatever it may be.