southern gospel

It was the summer of 2014 at Alabama's largest gospel quartet convention

when Amy (Dunham) and Scott (Washam) stepped on stage together for the

first time. Although they were only lending their voices to another group at the

time, they began singing a song called, 'Royal Descendant' which has now become

the signature song for DAY THREE.

Scott & Bo (Sullivan) were members of another Quartet at the time, while

Amy traveled as a soloist. It didn't take long until they realized that God

was orchestrating a new Ministry between the three of them.

They began traveling as the Amy Dunham Trio, and then in the Fall of

2016 officially became DAY THREE. In just a few short years,

DAY THREE has became a leading force in gospel music.


With numerous chart topping singles, countless awards, and honing a full-time

schedule, DAY THREE shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

DAY THREE has a unique blend and fresh approach to powerful southern gospel music.

Their smooth harmonies, and sensitivity to the audience and atmosphere of each worship

service  makes this group stand out among others.

DAY THREE also host Alabama's largest Gospel music event each year (The Alabama Quartet Convention) in Mobile, AL. This event features three days of power-packed music, preaching, devotions, fellowship, and of course the very best in gospel music!