Bill Claypoole is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has earned a

Master of Ministry Degree from Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma. He currently

serves the church as Coordinator of the Church Amalgamations & Affiliations.


Before this assignment he planted a church in Lexington, Kentucky. He has served in Oklahoma,

Great Lakes Region and Northern New England as State Youth & Evangelism Director. A State

Evangelist for his home state of Kentucky for several years, Associate Pastor at the Lexington-Liberty

Church of God and a State You Board Member. A member of the Steering Committee for the Frontier,

Midwest, and Northeast Winterfests. He has spoken at several Conferences and Camp Meetings

around the United States. Bill has been married 25 years to wife, Joy, who is an Administrative

Assistant for the Administrative Coordinator of USA Missions. They have one beautiful daughter,

Carrie Lee that is 15 years old.